1) Beginning Your Genealogical Research Journey (from Katherine R. Willson)

2) Pedigree charts & family group sheets (from National Archives)

3) List of interview questions for living relatives (from

4) Creating & Maintaining a Free Family Tree on (no paid subscription required, must sign up for user name & password)

5) Genealogy YouTube Channels to Subscribe To (from Katherine R. Willson)

6) The 308-page PDF List of 10,600+ Genealogy/History Links on Facebook  (from Katherine R. Willson)

7) Research Logs
A) General Research Log
B) Correspondence Research Log
C) Internet Research Log

8) Timeline prompts (from Katherine R. Willson)

9) Finding Archived Newspapers & City Directories (from Katherine R. Willson & Miriam J. Robbins)