Katherine has been working as a professional genealogist for private clients for over 15 years, and she always begins a project with specific questions from the client.  Examples might be, “When and where was my great-great-grandfather born?” or “Who were the parents of my great-grandfather?”

Once the client has identified the specific question(s) to be researched, Katherine will request copies of all documentation acquired to date, and formulate a research plan.  The client will have full control over how many hours are spent on his/her project, and will be kept informed of progress along the way.

Katherine’s rate is $75 per hour, regardless of whether that time is spent doing research, traveling to repositories, or working with the client over the phone and in-person.  Additional fees may include mileage costs of $0.545/mile for any travel; applicable tolls or parking costs; photocopying/postage costs for mailing documents and reports; and USB flash drive purchases for sending documents and reports electronically.

To schedule an initial consultation, please fill in the form below and Katherine will contact you via email or phone regarding next steps.  Requests for free personal research assistance cannot be accommodated.